Frequently Asked Questions

An online school is a school where students are taught from home through instruction provided via the internet and a computer.

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What is an online school?

Go to the Enroll Today tab, click one of the buttons, and begin the process for either our K-12 online program or our Adult Learner program. 

Once all paperwork has been submitted, you will be contacted through email to let you know you have been accepted

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How do I enroll?

At KOLP, your child will be given an unprecedented degree of accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency so that he or she can receive a high-quality education and prepare for the future. Meaning each student will have a great deal of personal attention from teachers, have more extensive course offerings than traditional schools, and learn in safe environment.

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How would my child benefit from attending The Kansas Online Learning Program?

What grades does KOLP offer?

The Kansas Online Learning Program is a full kindergarten through 12th grade school. 

In addition, we offer an Adult Learner program for those who have not yet received their high school diploma.

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Any K-12 student who is a resident of Kansas may enroll in the Kansas Online Learning Program.

Can my child enroll?

No! Kansas Online Learning program is free to all Kansas residents.

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Is there a cost to enroll?

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What materials are provided when I enroll?

At KOLP all students are given a computer, if needed. Students take classes via the Internet with certified teachers, as well as lessons that are designed to move at the student's own pace.

Kansas Online Learning Program provides a positive and caring, support system. The caring adult at home helps facilitate the student's progress through the everyday learning schedule. Our teachers provide feedback and are available to answer questions for both the adult and the student.

In addition, a Kansas Certified Teacher is assigned to every student and family. The teacher also helps monitor the student's progress and helps facilitate learning.

How will my student's progress be monitored?

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Yes. All students are required to participate in state testing.

Who issues the diploma?

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Students will receive a diploma from Centre School District.


Are students required to participate in state testing?