Kansas Online Learning is dedicated to the success of all students who have not had their needs met in a traditional educational setting and dedicated to providing the services and educational programs using current technology necessary for these students to achieve academic and personal success.

The teaching and learning strategies at KOLP are designed to encourage academic achievement and social competence, and the school will incorporate diverse, educational best practices to support individual development and academic success.

KOLP creates a student-centered learning environment that places the student and his or her success and well-being at the center of all activities and efforts. Every student will be assigned a Kansas Certified Teacher who will fill the roles of mentor, learning coach, and guidance counselor. The teacher maintains a minimum of weekly contact with the student and his or her family, assists the student in choosing appropriate courses, monitors attendance and academic progress, and is available to meet with the student and family. This multi-layered approach to student support has documented results in increasing student achievement.

Young woman sitting criss-cross with a computer in her lap.

The 21st Century Classroom

Learning Anywhere​

Online learning is more than just taking classes on a computer. Our curriculum combines excellent instruction with hands-on discovery to engage students and keep them interested. KOLP students are able to communicate online with their teachers to ask questions, submit assignments, and receive feedback. Our students also have the ability to connect with other students through social networking. By providing interactive learning, we are raising the standards of quality K-12 education

Learning Anytime

At KOLP, we work with you and your busy schedule. Our students can access and complete coursework anywhere there is Internet access and at any time. The goal of KOLP is to ensure that all students have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and that they have the tools that make this possible.